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He's not called that for nothing
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Anything new I post,that's about it.


Some of the best art I've seen,made by other talented artists.


Taste the Rainbow by AleximusPrime

Haha,this is quite the funny pic.This couple is one that I can see like this,Rainbow might only go all lovey towards him in privacy,whi...

Pony nomads by Frigg-Fluff

Haha,this is a rather nice pic,let me count the ways.First,the ponified Wander and Cerise are just friggin adorable,they look very hugg...

a Zbornak and an artist sits in a bar by Frigg-Fluff

This shows a pretty cool friendship between Cerise and Sylvia.Since there aren't to many pics of these two interacting in anyway,so I g...


Fancy Chap we have~! by PRJC1116
Fancy Chap we have~!
Two pictures in one day~!

Anyhow, this is a Birthday present for :iconbritish--ninja:,requested by :icontommy-taco:.

This was finished weeks ago, but left in the wayside till the big day.

Happy Birthday, dude. :)

British Ninja::iconbritish--ninja:
Carrot Soup a la Equines by PRJC1116
Carrot Soup a la Equines
:iconkeeneye47::..."sigh" God Dammit, Aeon.

:iconaeonofdreams:: Don't get so pouty, i just needed some flavoring~! "chops off carrots while singing"

:iconprjc1116::...Umm, can i go now?

:iconaeonofdreams:: Oh, not yet, soup pony. "tastes soup from the cauldron"...hmmm, not ready yet~!

:iconkeeneye47:: Aeon, so Celestia help me!!!

:iconaeonofdreams:: Okay okay, you can taste some when it's done~! :D

:iconkeeneye47:: AEON!!!

I'm weird.
Since i met :iconaeonofdreams:, i wanted to make something like this, only took a buttload of time, but better late than never...ehehe. ^^'

Pencil Swift::iconprjc1116:
Keen Eye/Wolf Keen::iconkeeneye47:
Aeon of Dreams::iconaeonofdreams:
Two-Many Birthdays by PRJC1116
Two-Many Birthdays
:iconaeonofdreams:: Oooh, I like this. :D "snuggles self-body pillow" but i'm sure you'll like my gift more. ;) "teleports a tied up Pencil" He was completely up for it, trust me. :D

:iconprjc1116::...."muffled swearing"

:iconxx-jessiekat-xx::...:D "squees and thumps her hoof" Eeeeeee~!

:iconaeonofdreams:: He's cool with it, you two enjoy yourselves, and i'll enjoy "snuggles pillow" myself, bye. :D

For my poofy ray of sunshine and for one of my big brother best friends forever, I love you both with all my heart and while this is late....for the both of you, but regardless, I hope you both enjoy this small gift. I think i'll be doing this kind of gift exchange for future birthdays.

Aeon of Dreams::iconaeonofdreams:
Jessie Kat::iconxx-jessiekat-xx:
Pencil Swift::iconprjc1116:
Typical MangaHeart? by PRJC1116
Typical MangaHeart?
A request of sorts from :iconanimechristy:, I originally planned for a sunset picture, and I have a plan to make that idea into a bigger project, but for now, here's something more "shits and giggles".

As for the two in the picture, hope you both like it. :)

Sapphire Heart Song::iconanimechristy:
Manga Kamen::iconflairnightz:
Bronalysis Sailor Moon-Inner Scouts by PRJC1116
Bronalysis Sailor Moon-Inner Scouts
:iconhenmo24::...Why do WE have to wear these?
:iconsegasister:: Well, dear, Sweetie went through the trouble of making us these, we should at least try them. :D
:iconhenmo24::...I look silly.
:iconaeonofdreams:: Aww, don't be ridiculous. "toys with the skirt" You look mighty fine, dear Voicey~!
:iconhenmo24::"urge to kill rises" Do not call me Voicey...
:iconsegasister:: :giggle:
:iconsweetie-bloom:: I'd recommend getting use to him, he can cling on ya. ;)
:iconanimechristy:: Have fun, now. :D
:iconhenmo24::...You f"yay"king people.
:iconaeonofdreams:: Don't be so pouty, Voicey, Robin seems to enjoy being a pretty, sexy sailor. ;)
:iconrobin0928:: I feel pretty, oh so pretty~! :D
:iconhenmo24::...Don't. Call. Me. Voicey!
:iconaeonofdreams:: Being hot-headed? Hey, thank me for at least getting you in character. :giggle:
:iconsegasister:: Aeon!

And meanwhile, :iconpuzzlebrony: tries to get :iconsweetie-bloom:'s attention, but to no avail. X3

Here's a request from my good friend, :iconsegasister:, we planned this for almost a full year but I never got into finishing it until now. She changed the casting for the Bronalysis Sailor Moon Podcast, so it's quite diferrent that what I expected last year.

I hope everyone in the pic enjoys it, and yes, i'll make an Outer scouts picture as well.

:iconrigifan32:, :iconhisenshi:, :iconpristine1281:, :iconjames-the-squirrel: and :iconxx-jessiekat-xx:, prepare to be pretty sailors next pic. :P

Sweetie Bloom as Sailor Moon::iconsweetie-bloom:
Aeon of Dreams as Sailor Mercury::iconaeonofdreams:
Voice of Reason as Sailor Mars::iconhenmo24:
SEGA Sister as Sailor Venus::iconsegasister:
Robin 0928 as Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon::iconrobin0928:
Puzzle Piece as Tuxedo Mask::iconpuzzlebrony:
1. Who are you in a relationship with?

xX-JessieKat-Xx.....or just Jessie. :P

2. The date you got together?

Around late August, around the 30th.

3. Where/how did you meet?


4. What did you think the first time you saw him/her?

She's pretty cool, fun to talk with too.

5. Who is the morning person?

"Wakes up and checks messages"....Her. :giggle:

6. Whose temper is worse?

Probably mine, I get angry over stupid stuff sometimes. X)

7. Who eats more?

ME!!! "holds pizza, rice, toasts and chicken"....I have a problem.

8. Who asked who?

She did to me, I felt as if this could be someone special, and sure enough, I was right. ^^

9. Whose hair is longer?

Her's. "messes up my hair"

10. Describe his/her personality?

A bit shy sometimes, but can also be a very silly, random girl when she feels welcome, as well as having the kindness with limits. ^^

11. His/her best feature?

Pysically: Face   Mentally: She's very tolerant. :)

12. Who's older?


13. Whose feet are bigger?


14. Nicknames?

She's my poofy floofy....i'm just a soup. >w<

15. What do you have in common?

Shy natures, interests, ambitions, talents, thoughts on people, goofy and random natures when we feel welcome.

16. How much is he/she on your mind?

Lots of times.  ^w^ "snuggles"

17. Have you ever dreamed about him/her?

Actually, I've never seen her in my dreams.

18. Do you want to be together forever?

I hope we can. :) Yes.

19. Have you ever had a fight?

Not yet, anyways.

20. How long have you been together?

10, soon to be 11 months.

21. Have you dated this person before?

Nope, first time ever.

22. Do you think he/she will fill out this quiz as well?

Well, she already did,soooooo....

23. How far apart is your age?

3/2 Years
Me:16,    Her:13, soon to be 14

24. Favorite memory?

Seeing her in person and hugging her for the first time ever. ^w^

25. If you were too look him/her right in the face right now what would you wanna say?


You have a:

[] Boyfriend

[X] Girlfriend

Mushy stuff: [Distance sucks]

[x] Hugged

[x] Held hands

[x] Kissed

[x] Been on at least one date (Bronycon '16)

[x] Told your BF/GF you love him/her

[x] Did something special on their birthday/your anniversary/any celebrated holiday.

[] Shared drinks/food

[] You have a special song. [a wat song? :v]

[x] You like cuddling

[x] You like making physical contact

[] You've been lifted or carried

[x] Been given a nickname by your BF/GF

[x] Your BF/GF likes to play with your hair.

[x] You would do anything to make your BF/GF happy.


[x] Have many things in common

[/] Been together for at least a year(ALMOST THERE)

[x] Been together for at least six months

[] Broke up then got back together once or multiple times

[x] Your friends get along with your BF/GF

[x] You were friends before getting together

[] Gone to a party with your BF/GF

[] Gone to a party and got drunk with your BF/GF

[] Gone to a party, got drunk, and had sex with BF/GF

[/] Your attitude and/or behavior has changed since you two met

[x] You feel happy/sad if your BF/GF is


[] Got together with your BF/GF out of pity or other stupid reasons.

[] Cheated

[] Liked someone else while dating your BF/GF

[] Changed yourself to impress your BF/GF.

[] Kept secrets

[] Lied

[] Didn't tell your BF/GF something that would affect them mentally/emotionally

[x] You don't think you're good enough for your BF/GF

[x] You can say almost anything to your BF/GF


[/] Cried with your BF/GF around(ALMOST AT BC)

[] Seen your BF/GF naked/somewhat naked

[] Thrown up on your BF/GF

[] Farted with your BF/GF around

[] You've mistaken someone else as your BF/GF, AFTER you did something affectionate with that person

[x] Your BF/GF makes you blush

[x] Your BF/GF calls you cute

[x] Your BF/GF does things that no one else has done to you

[x] Your BF/GF has seen a side of you no one else has.(emotionally yeah)

Some Questions!

1. Are you straight, bisexual, homosexual, etc.?

I'm Bisexual.

2. How old are you guys?

She's 13, going on 14, and I am 16.

3. How did you two meet?

Technically deviantART, but we first got to actually talk and interact on Skype.

4. How long do you plan on staying together? Thought about marriage? Kids?

Well, let's not be hasty and rush things. :P

5. What do you like most about your BF/GF?

Not only is she a very sweet, smart and talented girl, she tolerates me. XD

6. When did you realize you liked your BF/GF?

When I felt comfortable with her, not shy and I felt like she was more than just some teenage girl...sounds kinda odd but bear with me. :P

7. What kind of hairstyle would you give your BF/GF?

Her poofy curl style is fine. :D

8. Is there something you find weird about your BF/GF?

Well, we're both weirdos, but in a good way. ^^

9. If you could change anything about your BF/GF, what would you change?

As she said, the fact we're long distance...for now...hopefully.

10. Do you really love your BF/GF?

Very much so, I love her. :)

There, I did it, dear...HAPPY???!!! "just kidding XD"



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Jean Carlos Persico
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Why hello,everypony,name's Pencil Swift,artist,shipper and soon too be reviewer of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic!

Most of my stuff will be on Brony reviewers and artists,or the occational cannon MLP fanart.

dA Brothers: :iconaeonofdreams:,:iconfinnthepony17:,:icongamingbrony88:,:icontherealforlong:,:iconemperortigerstar:

dA Sisters: :iconsegasister:,:iconcosmicchrissy:,:iconsweetie-bloom:,:iconemeraldsound:

dA Nephews: :iconcapslock-mlp:,:iconrobin0928:

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